Are You A Retail Store Owner Or A Lighting Service Provider? Do You Also Find It Challenging To:

Perfect Lighting Is The Answer To All Your Questions!

While there are many factors that help in setting up your store right, the pros of having high-end RETAIL LIGHTS in your outlet remain unbeatable. Good retail lights ensure that the customers:
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    Pay a visit to your store
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    Explore it comfortably
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    Check out the important segments

All of this can be achieved when you have a reliable LED Lighting Partner, and this is where IKIO comes in!

What Makes IKIO Retail Lights Different?

Lighting heavily influences our visual senses. That’s why ensuring its quality is of paramount importance in shaping the buying decisions of customers. Here are some technical aspects of our retail lights that will make IKIO your top choice!
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Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Closer the CRI is to 100, the better is the color rendition of the object under it. IKIO offers lights with CRI over 90 — the highest in the industry today!.

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Play with wattage to lead the customers to important sections in your store. IKIO offers multiple wattage options for you to choose from for your needs!

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Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

CCT helps establish the mood in a store (for example, 2000-3500 K for a warm ambience & 5100+ K for a cool one). IKIO offers multiple CCT options.

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Beam Angle

Beam angle helps you create the desired effect in a certain section (in case you need to highlight a product). We offer lighting options with different beam angles.

The Impact Of Quality Lighting

Have a look at these pictures wherein we compared the lighting of the same store before and after the LED upgrade!

Standard Quality Lighting With No Major Consideration Given To Technical Aspects

Superior Quality Lighting With High CRI and Wattage and Perfect CCT & Ideal Beam Angle

Benefits Of Upgrading To LEDs

Since lighting not only makes the products in a store look good but also determines the overall atmosphere of the place, doing it right has many benefits. They help you achieve two major goals of the retail business:

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    High customer satisfaction
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    Increased sales

After analyzing these benefits, several retail brands have started investing more in installing an effective lighting system. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

If you want to learn more about the latest LED products in the retail segment or would like us to work with you for lighting up your store, get in touch with our team. IKIO would be happy to provide complete assistance to you, from the initial consultation to the installation and after service!